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We design & build brands, campaigns & digital projects for businesses
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A 24/7 personal assistant that helps you chat, generate more leads and close more sales
A sure-fire brand and growth strategy along with great SEO will give an amazing edge to your business
Track the mentions of your/competitor's products and convert them into a successful sale.
Achieve your business or campaign goals through our engaging and compelling video content
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What makes Magikle different?

We plan campaigns with insights and data as we firmly believe and go by the maxim "You can't manage what you don't measure".
We put our heart and soul into everything we do so our clients are nothing but 100% happy and elated with our services

Everything You Need In One Place

Have chatbots that work like a 24/7 personal assistant that helps you sell on messenger or assists a potential customer or visitor even while you are asleep, with details of your product or service
Social Media and Search Engine Optimization
Having an active online presence is essential. If you have a plan, we will help you execute and schedule your content. And with competitor reports, understand the content that works best for you. We also help fine-tune your website and blogs with in-depth site auditing reports and optimization tips that will rank your brand better on search engines
Analytics and Visual Reports
Setup web and social media analytics and pixels to track your audience, retarget them when required and generate leads. Visual analytics reports that help you understand the data behind your website, social media and ad campaigns.
Video Promos and Intros
Seize the attention of your audience with video promos and intros for your products or youtube channel, motion titles, simple whiteboard animation, live mockups, Facebook Page Cover Videos and more
Guides and Dynamic Tutorials
Prepare step-by-step PDF or WordPress guides, process documents that walk you through your software/product or have an embeddable dynamic video that makes work so much easier for folks at Support, Sales, Training, HR, and Product teams

We love our clients!

So do they. Here's why!

“Magikle’s approach is clean, straightforward, and skimmable and not bogged down with big blocks of text that can be overwhelming.”

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Adarsh RD

“The speed and creativity of Adithya are astounding..the film on Veda’s is made in no time with beauty and brilliance. Kudos to Adithya”

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Y C Roy

“Because it’s such a client-based industry, everything is person-to-person. Magikle really caters to the individual needs.”

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Anil Gupta

“Working with you was truely Magikle. Our logo came out better than we expected. Looking forward to work with you again”

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Lakshmi Chandrashekar

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